Tatyana Alexeyevna Golikova


Tatyana Alexeyevna Golikova

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Tatyana Alexeyevna Golikova

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Russian Federation

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Russian Federation


Tatyana Alexeyevna Golikova is a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation responsible for social policy, labour, health and pension provision. She is a Presidium member of the Coordinating Council under the Government to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Russia, other troops, military formations and bodies for Russia’s war against Ukraine. She has participated in and approved the Russian government's decisions on the mobilisation in Russia, by which she has directly supported and been involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine. She is also ultimately responsible for the conduct of Russia’s educational system in the illegally annexed territories of Ukraine.

In taking on and acting in this capacity, she is responsible for, supporting or implementing actions or policies which undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, or stability or security in Ukraine, or which obstruct the work of international organisations in Ukraine.

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