State Unitary Enterprise Of The "Republic Of Crimea" "Universal-Avia"


State Unitary Enterprise Of The "Republic Of Crimea" "Universal-Avia"


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State Unitary Enterprise Of The "Republic Of Crimea" "Universal-Avia"

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Aeroflotskaya Street 5, 295021

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Tel. +7 (3652) 502-300; +7 (918) 699-1020

Registration number: 1159102026742


The ownership of the entity was transferred contrary to the Ukrainian law. On 24 Mar 2014 the "Presidium of the Parliament of Crimea" adopted a decision "On State-owned Enterprise "Gosudarstvenoye predpriyatiye Universal-Avia"" ("О Государственном предприятии "Универсал-Авиа"") No 1794-6/14 declaring the appropriation of assets belonging to the state enterprise "Universal-Avia" on behalf of the "Republic of Crimea". The enterprise is thus effectively confiscated by the Crimean "authorities". Re-registered on 15 Jan 2015 as State Unitary Enterprise of the "Republic of Crimea" "Universal-Avia" (ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЕ УНИТАРНОЕ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЕ РЕСПУБЛИКИ КРЫМ "УНИВЕРСАЛ-АВИА"). Founder: The Ministry of Transportation of the "Republic of Crimea" (МИНИСТЕРСТВО ТРАНСПОРТА РЕСПУБЛИКИ КРЫМ).

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