San Air General Trading Fze


San Air General Trading Fze



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San Air General Trading Fze

San Air General Trading, Llc

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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

811 S. Central Expressway, Suite 210, 75080, United States


San Air General Trading is the main company behind many of Viktor Bout's arms shipments into Liberia. It serves as an agent for Centrafrican Airlines, a company owned by Viktor Bout that receives payments from the Liberian Government for arms shipments. UN investigators concluded that Centrafrican Airlines and San Air are, in fact, parts of the same company. The General Manager of San Air is Serguei Denissenko. In addition, the UN has identified Richard Chichakli as the Chief Financial Officer for San Air General Trading in the UAE, and Richard Chichakli has admitted in media interviews that he «set (San Air) up for Viktor (Bout).» As such, San Air is owned by Viktor Bout and controlled by Viktor Bout, Serguei Denissenko and Richard Chichakli.

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