Public Joint Stock Company 'Scientific And Production Association "Strela"'


Public Joint Stock Company 'Scientific And Production Association "Strela"'


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str. M. Gorky 6, 300002, Russian Federation

Other information:

Type of entity: Public Joint Stock Company

Place of registration: str. M. Gorky 6, 300002, city of Tula, Tula region, Russian Federation

Date of registration: 23.09.2002

State registration number: 1027100517256

Taxpayer Identification Number: 7103028233


Scientific and Production Association ‘Strela’, РJSC, is a specialised enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of radar equipment for the surveillance and detection of ground and sea surface targets. The enterprise is engaged in development and manufacture of: battlefield surveillance radars, weapon-locating radars, artillery muzzle velocity radars, weapon control radars, air-borne equipment for air defence surface-to-air missiles, civilian radar security systems.

The association is part of the Russian state-owned Almaz- Antey Air Defence Concern and is the head organisation for coordinating activities in the assigned area of technology. It also should be noted that the Almaz-Antey Concern belongs to the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

The company develops and produces a counter-battery (artillery-locating) radar complex Zoopark-1M, mobile radar reconnaissance ground station SNAR-10M1, special combat

reconnaissance vehicle SBRM Tigr (‘Tiger’) and other military products, which are used/were used by Russia during the illegal invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Thus, the РJSC Scientific and Production Association ‘Strela’ is responsible for supporting materially or financially actions, which undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

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