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Pjsc United Engine Corporation



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Pjsc United Engine Corporation

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16, Budyonny Avenue, 105118, Russian Federation

Other information:

Telephone: +7(495) 232-55-02, +7(499) 558-18-94

Website: https://www.uecrus.com

Email: info@uecrus.com

Tax ID number: 7731644035

State registration number: 1107746081717


United Engine Corporation is a Rostec subsidiary which designs, manufactures and services military aviation, rocket engines and marine gas-turbine engines.

JSC UEC Klimov, one of the companies that forms part of Official United Engine Corporation, manufactures engines mounted in the Ka-52 helicopters that were used by Russia during the unprovoked military aggression against Ukraine in 2022, including during the battle of Hostomel.

Therefore, United Engine Corporation is responsible for supporting, materially or financially, actions which undermined or threatened the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

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