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Myo Myint Oo has been the Union Minister for Energy since 5 Aug 2022. As Government Minister, he forms part of the military regime.

Under his authority, EU-listed entity Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) generates revenue for the EU-listed State Administration Council (SAC) and Myanmar Petroleum Enterprise, which is engaged in the import and distribution of aviation fuel including for fighter jets and other military aircraft.

As Minister for Energy, he is in charge of enabling the investment and cooperation with foreign partners in the oil and gas sectors, which creates revenue for the SAC, thereby contributing to securing the financial needs of the military regime and to importing aviation fuel for the military which enables the military airstrikes against civilians.

He is therefore a natural person whose actions, policies or activities undermine democracy or the rule of law in Myanmar/Burma, or who engages in, or provides support for, actions that threaten the peace, security or stability of Myanmar/Burma.

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