Myanmar Economic Corporation Limited


Myanmar Economic Corporation Limited



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Myanmar Economic Corporation Limited

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Corner of Ahlone road & Kannar road, Ahlone, Myanmar

Other information:

Type of entity: Company limited by shares

Place of registration: Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

Date of registration: Founded in 1997 as a State owned company, registered as a private company on 9 January 2019

Registration number: 105444192

Place of business: Myanmar/Burma

Phone number: 01-8221369

Email address:


Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) is a conglomerate owned and controlled by the Myanmar Armed Forces (Tatmadaw), having subsidiaries and affiliated companies in diverse sectors of the economy, including banking, insurance, construction, trade, transportation, mining, gem extraction, manufacturing and tourism. MEC and its subsidiaries generate revenue for the Tatmadaw, therefore contributing to its capabilities to carry out activities undermining democracy and the rule of law and to serious human rights violations in Myanmar/Burma. MEC’s board of directors is exclusively composed of senior officers (active or retired) of the Tatmadaw. MEC and its subsidiaries donated assets to the military in 2017 during the Tatmadaw’s fundraising ceremonies. Therefore MEC financially supported the Tatmadaw and thus contributed to its capability to carry out the “clearance operations” and serious human rights violations in 2017 against the Rohingya population.

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