Mikhail Mikhailovich Murashkin


Mikhail Mikhailovich Murashkin

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Mikhail Mikhailovich Murashkin

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Former Deputy Head of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs in Zhodino – Head of the Public Security Police; First Deputy Head of the District Department of Internal Affairs in Borisov – Head of the Public Security Police as of 29 Oct 2021


In his capacity as former head of the Public Security Police in Zhodino, Mikhail Murashkin ordered the police troops and riot police, OMON, to brutally crack down on peaceful protests in the wake of the presidential elections in 2020, beating protesters and using violence against them. He is also involved in the unlawful repeated detention of independent journalists covering the protests in the lead-up to the presidential elections. He is therefore responsible for serious violations of human rights and the repression of civil society in Belarus. He continues to hold a similarly high-ranking position within the Department of Internal Affairs.

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