Khodr Ali Taher


Khodr Ali Taher


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Khodr Ali Taher

Additional Information

Regime: Syria

(UK Sanctions List Ref):SYR0357. Linked to Citadel for Protection, Guard and Security Services (Castle Security and protection) ; Ematel LLC (Ematel Communications) ; Syrian Hotel Management Company ; Jasmine Contractinc Company (UK Statement of Reasons):Leading businessperson operating across multiple sectors of the Syrian economy, including private security, mobile phone retail, hotel management, advertising services, and domestic money transfer. Supports and benefits from the regime through cooperation in his business activities and his involvement in smuggling and profiteering activities. Khodr Ali Taher owns a number of companies and has co-funded others. His involvement in business dealings with the regime, includes entering into a joint venture with the Syrian Transport and Tourism Company, of which the Ministry of Tourism owns a two-thirds stake. (Gender):Male

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