Institute Of The Russian Diaspora


Institute Of The Russian Diaspora

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Institute Of The Russian Diaspora

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str. Krzhizhanovskoy, d.13, str.2, 117218, Russian Federation

Other information:

Type of entity: “Advising on commercial activities and management”

Place of registration: Moscow

Registration number: TIN: 7727536630

Principal place of business: Moscow


The Institute of the Russian Diaspora is a GRU front organisation and an integral part of Inforos’s online disinformation network. It was co-founded by Inforos-founder Denis Tyurin. Additionally, Denis Tyurin has registered the official propaganda website of the Institute himself, using an official Inforos email address. The Institute owns an online media presence called which disseminates Russian disinformation and propaganda about the war of aggression against Ukraine. Therefore, the Institute of the Russian diaspora is materially supporting actions and policies which undermine and threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

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