Andrey Kozhevnikov


Andrey Kozhevnikov


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Andrey Kozhevnikov

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Travel ban according to article 3 paragraph 1 and financial sanctions according to article 1 do not apply until 15 March 2016.


Head of the Investigative Committee of the Minsk Oktiabrsky district, former public prosecutor of the case against ex-presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaev, Vitaly Rimashevsky, members of Neklyaev’s campaign team Andrei Dmitriev, Aleksandr Feduta and Sergei Vozniak, as well as Young Front deputy chairperson Anastasia Polozhanka. The accusation presented by him had a clear and imminent political motivation and it was a clear violation of the Code of Criminal Procedure. It was based on an incorrect classification of the events of 19 Dec 2010, and not sustained by evidence, proof or testimonies of witnesses.

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