Andrei Nikolaevich Mukovozchyk


Andrei Nikolaevich Mukovozchyk

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Switzerland - Sanctions List




Andrei Nikolaevich Mukovozchyk

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Places of birth:

Russian Federation

Other information:

Political observer of "Belarus Today" ("Sovietskaia Belarus - Belarus Segodnya")

Passport number: MP 3413113 and MP 2387911


Andrei Mukavozchyk is one of the main propagandists of the Lukashenka regime publishing in "Belarus Today", the official newspaper of the Presidential Administration. In his articles, democratic opposition and civil society are systematically highlighted in a negative and derogatory way, using falsified information. He is one of the main sources of state propaganda, which supports and justifies the repression of the democratic opposition and of civil society. In May 2020, Mukavozchyk became a recipient of the "Golden Pen" award from a pro-governmental organization Belarusian Union of Journalists. In Dec 2020, he received the prize "Golden Letter", handed over by representatives of the Belarussian Ministry of Information. In Jan 2021, Lukashenka signed a decree awarding Mukavozchyk a medal "For labour merits". He is therefore benefitting from and supporting the Lukashenka regime.

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